The horror. The pain. It's now 4:50 (yes, that's AM) and I'm still awake.

Why? Because of a bloody rooster. It's been crowing his arse off for the last hour or so now. Everytime I'm almost asleep, it makes a noise that would awaken the dead.

It's not like I hate animals, or anything, it's just that they need to SHUT UP! every now and again. The thing can make all the noise it wants, as soon as I'm up. That is, after I got some sleep.

The nice part is, it causes some sort of chain reaction. I assume, that when the foul beast makes a noise, he moves around, causing another noise to be made. My mother's dogs apparently hear that noise, and start barking. Hence, I CAN'T SLEEP!

I wish I lived in some large city, where all the noise would consist of drive-by shootings, sirens, skidding cars, screaming people, and trains. That way, I could get some rest.

If I had a shotgun, or any other medium to long range weapon, I would kill that bloody chicken right now. But I haven't, so I suppose I'll just get no sleep tonight. Maybe during the day.

Of course, this happens not just at a random point in time, but on a friday (i.e. it is now technically friday morning, friday night has yet to come). I assume I will be a zombie by the time night falls, and normal people crawl out from under their rocks to go to a pub and have a drink (or two). I suppose I'll have to skip that. All because of some stupid chicken.

As soon as the rest of the world is awake, I'm going to get myself a weapon and shoot that thing. Unless it decides to shut up by himself (i.e. it dies from a heart-attack, or a fox get it)

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