In 1971, a near-mythic handbook entitled ”The Sensuous Man” by the anonymous M was first published. It and its companion book, The Sensuous Woman, by J, were said to be a hallmark of the times. The Sensuous Man billed itself as The first how-to book for the man who wants to be a great lover, and featured chapters on sensuality drills, (Exercises for the Pelvis: Sensuality Exercise #4) guides to premature ejaculation and impotence, where to meet women, and, “Do We or Don’t We? The Ins and Outs of Masturbation.”

It had all the info and encouragement needed for the swinging seventies guy, yet advocated a strong sense of sexual ethics, such as avoiding married women, making sure she “got hers,” avoiding the “beauty trap” of only going for pretty women at the expense of personality and intelligence, and it stressed never telling lies about your intentions.

In reviewing it now, I find that it seems to fill the same roles as many men’s magazines today, although in a slightly more conspiratorial, gentlemanly and patronizing tone. Ah, what teenage boys had to do to get wisdom in the pre-internet era.

Finally, an excerpt from chapter 8: How To Drive a Woman to Ecstasy:

“Stiffen your tongue, place it at the tip of her shaft, and move your head from left to right as though you are saying no—-do it rapidly so that your tongue is brushing her clitoris-—a dozen times a second. “The Velvet Buzz Saw is particularly effective with women who have trouble achieving orgasm and women who need a number of orgasms to reach satiation. Be sure, however, that you’ve excited your woman sufficiently before hand, as the clitoris is too sensitive for the Velvet Buzz Saw until it has been stimulated with gentler techniques.”