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If I have tickled your mind today I have done my job.
My friends think that I am a shit disturber - guilty.

Life - Something by YP

Before you step into the deep black hole,

The words you have read,
The words you have wrote,
The tears you have shed,
The words you have spoke.

The music you have played,
The songs you have sung.

The roads you have paved,
The bricks you have laid.

The places you have seen,
The places you have been.

The jokes you have told,
The ideas you have sold.

But most of all consider,
the people you have touched.

Then consider again...
The structures you will build.

The stories you will write,
The people you will fight,
The friends you will make,
And the hearts you will break.

The children you will have,
And the ideas you will sell,
But most of all,
Consider the stories you will tell.

Do not be lulled by empty space.