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You know this is a good name, right?

Just imagine what happens when somebody forgets a nick in the chatterbox. Instead of typing "/msg whoever you stink like a herd of cows" it becomes "/msg you stink like a herd of cows". The end result is that I get a message in my inbox saying "stink like a herd of cows". It took me a while to catch on, but now I know.

As a punishment I've decided to publish all of these malformed /msg on this page.

Hall of shame:

2001.12.11@02:43 Idiousthai says know, I had written out a whole message telling you not to look into your damned oracle and to leave well enough alone, but figured that would pique you too much. If you know who I am, then you know I don't need a reason or a good talkin' to.

2001.12.14@01:05 thefez says know where i want to spend my next vacation?

2002.01.20@09:35 NatchLucid says claim that it is "reality". I assert to you that I am a girl, and I am not any more attracted to a man, or woman, who is mysterious & a challenge, than I am to any other sort of man or woman. My existence subverts your reality. And I do exist.

2002.01.20@09:36 NatchLucid says sorry, that was a mistaken msg, please ignore

2002.01.26@18:48 NatchLucid says can find out all about my life there. Some parts may be a bit TMI for you, just skip the stuff about bondage etc. if you don't want to hear about it

2002.01.30@17:49 Igloowhite says were my control on viral propagation of flamemail. SO pi to dannye, eh. I wonder where pi got it

2002.02.08@12:14 Hermes_wr says said (and I quote): "re: RISC OS: P3: benifit -> benefit; equivilent -> equivalent; belive -> believe; P4: pitty -> pity; P5: reinstaled -> reinstalled; prefered -> preferred; "had ro" -> "had to"". To which I reply..."huh?" :-)

2002.02.11@21:10 Shak says are a nice mentor, if only you would cool all my writeups eh? I have my 200 XP, now all I need is some 40 odd writeups. Time for me to get cracking.

2002.02.11@21:11 Shak says Whoops, hey you, who are you? Was msging my mentor and forgot to put her name

2002.04.12 at 13:46 Footprints says are what you see. I see a woman pissing

2002.05.01 at 03:42 junkpile says are very kind.

2002.05.27 at 06:44 deadlemming says go ahead and sign off like that. :) I'm going to sleep now; talk to you later.

2002.06.13 at 20:05 sleeping wolf says had written: I didn't think I had any porn out there either but I am a lowly initiate. I HAVE written some truly hot erotica which I considered posting in retaliation but a cool head prevailed. Smiles to you, Sleeping Wolf! .

2002.06.28 at 14:58 NothingLasts4ever says are serialy upvoting me arenĀ“t you?

2002.07.15 at 19:42 SEF says won, OK? just hope no one else decides to add to you wu's.

2002.07.27 at 12:53 Byzantine says said "I was going to go, but now I won't." Except you didn't capitalize your I's. And. It's okay if you have another acct, but prolly not ethical if you upvote them.

2002.08.02 at 17:57 JerboaKolinowski says might still want to check with your friend. You can always amend writeups after posting, however :)

2002.08.05 at 05:47 atlas says didn't upset me this morning... I wish I could be there to try and help you feel warm... I'm sorry...

2002.08.14 at 20:13 salimfadhley says are too kind! I'm still not particularly good at getting the votes in, for example Why you do not want to work for an Ad Agency did very badly indeed! I wonder if it is a Brits vs America thing - perhaps the humor does not translate! :-)

2002.08.29 at 18:25 koreykruse says XP is listed on your homenode and in the Statistics nodelet.

2002.08.29 at 18:26 koreykruse says Oops...not really meant for you.

2002.10.06 at 05:40 ajpiano says got it. it was called gtky although it was meant to be more of a tale about how important your chosen nickname is. i did find out it was marked, but nothing from dannye

2002.10.26 at 02:35 ? says really REALLY need to learn some civility, and maybe some patience as well. Tomorrow then.

2002.11.01 at 15:29 mauler says may be right - damned if really I know. I didn't know there were actually rules governing pauses - I thought that was just casual usage.

2002.11.08 at 13:36 call says re November 15, 2001: It's not a joke. You can see it coming a mile off. It's not a punchline. Too obvious.

2002.11.15 at 19:37 musician says they could be right... they never found the body.

2002.11.30 at 07:43 HongPong says might want to add the song Guns and cigarettes to your cigarettes metanode. well, its not totally about cigarettes, but its in the title...

2002.11.30 at 07:44 HongPong says oops sorry wrong person :)

2003.01.06 at 18:56 equinoctial says who can't stick to any one. one. well, not saying you're sticking. but...with the maude mantra...

2003.01.07 at 20:35 Tiefling says did mention. Your hn has some groups under 'school/company', and some under 'Member of'.

2003.05.05 at 21:57 wamckee says can publish a group shot if the faces cannot be clearly made out without a release ...which was the case here.

2003.10.12 at 17:08 QuietLight says look like a noder in need of a hand. Have you considered E2 Mentor Signup? There, you can get a more experienced noder to help you out one on one. If you have AIM, msg me at arichlin2001 and I can help you. ~Quietlight

2003.12.26 at 3:39 Jabbi says are very prolific. perhaps smoking a joint or two helps out?

2004.01.31 at 5:15 HenryBok says at home tonight?

2004.07.08 at 15:06 skybluefusion says are welcome, keep up the great work. =)

2004.10.12 at 16:56 wertperch says highlight rows/columns and then twitch the widget. Been a long time.

2004.11.19 at 22:13 FeltTips says are very sweet -- reading my stuff.

2005.01.18 at 17:30 Rudra says may be interested to know that OFr is much more accessible to French people than Old English is to Anglophones. Even I can understand OFr far better than I can OE.

2005.02.05 at 8:31 dirtyhippy42 says don't have a good reason to delete it, you're just an overzealous content editor

2005.03.22 at 16:19 borgo says beat me to it - although his/her user name differs from my last name by one letter...

2005.07.20 at 16:53 skow says googled for "really thick books noone really understands"

2007.05.09 at 00:56 dannye says know that "2 dogs" deal was written for Dman, didn't you? That was right in the middle of the shit he was causing. Sort of (well, exactly like) JentlemanGim is doing now.

2007.06.19 at 12:13 kohlcass says can private msg me with any questions by typing /msg kohlcass before you speak.

2007.12.02 at 21:48 Gorgonzola says shouldn't be so cavalier about this. Practicing courtesy is never a waste of time. It needs to be reinforced at every opportinity.

2007.12.04 at 15:44 Tato says mean wikip would kill this in a matter of moments?

2008.07.22 at 23:35 Augustine says can type the space in there as normal, I believe. If not, you can go to their homenode (search for their username) and use the message box there.

2008.09.06 at 11:05 Heisenberg says coming to the waterpoet?

2008.12.13 at 22:58 kohlcass says sang buttercupbaby and didn't tell me? I really should log in more often - your voice is pretty awesome, girlie

2010.01.05 at 03:47 ushdfgakjasgh says know last night, somebody told me i was the most promising author they'd seen in a decade, when i sent them the book, a total stranger

2010.04.22 at 01:10 grundoon says should meet the liz. A doc, and coincidentally my sister.

2010.12.27 at 01:23 wertperch says are welcome, milkfish. spend them well!