A student restaurant right in the middle of campus of University of Turku. Usually referred to by just "Kaffeli". Open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. from monday to thursday, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on fridays. Student lunch for just 2.35€. Student id card is not usually requested and you can take as much bread, which is actually quite good and always freshly baked, as much as you like. They will charge you for that extra class of coke/milk/juice so take just one and save those few cents for something better.

If you happen to have a trouble locating Kaffeli, and don't find there just by wondering around the campus area of University of Turku, point your nose directly towards a building called "Phoenix". Phoenix liest just next to University of Turku main building. The main building is a place where some funny little elves pretend to be helpful when you have some sort of a problem conserning your studies (do not be deceived by them, only reason for their existence is the fact that sometimes your head will blow off after several hours of their byrochratic blather).

Food offered includes at least one vegetarian course daily, in addition to two (sometimes more) courses of "normal" food. Staff has knowledge of some of the more esoteric diets too and you can arrange a all-round vegan meal for yourself by just asking for one in advance (they will provide the meal for you every day, but you have to order it in advance). Free use, that means take as much as you have the face for, of salad table and freshly baked bread is included for the price of student lunch (2.35€). Food is nutritious and has been prepared according to strict recommendations from healt authorities. Unfortunately Finnish healt authorities do not consider the taste of food as one of the necessary ingredients for nutrititious meal; food doesn't usually taste and when it does, it usually has something to do with excessive usage of pepper.

ed: vjs says - Unfortunately, Kaffeli ja Karahvi was closed for good in May of 2004. The restaurant is missed among the students of the University of Turku.