A coined term used where I work/study. Disinformation and misinformation describe people trying to deceive others in one way or another, and information is meant to tell us something we didn't know. Uninformation is simply words that are semantically constructed and everything, they just carry absolutely zero information. In other words, you really can't learn anything at all from the statement. For example the statement "I may or may not have been at home last night" is uninformation. If I say "I was at home last night", that's information. If I'm lying and I wasn't at home, that's misinformation. In the right context, "I am here" is uninformation.

If you listen to politicians speak (seriously!), an amazing proportion of their statements are genuine uninformation -- not just in the metaphorical sense, but at the semantic level ... I mean there's really no content there. PR people are also do a lot of it, as do the CIA with "We may or may not have captured the international terrorist" type statements.