(mordel) is it Thursday already?

I am so incoherent. I wrote an exam on tuesday morning and I don't remember any of it, except some furious calculation at the end and handing it in with a flourish at the end of my allotted time. Then going home and sleeping a troubled sleep. Apparently some time on sunday or monday or tuesday I finished my last assignment for another course too, but I have absolutely no recollection of it. None. Eek. But I'm better, better, better today. Or at least, able to focus my eyes on people and recognize them long enough to hold up a conversation.

My monitor is dying, fading slowly to black and vanishing softly and silently away. (perhaps I am a boojum?) Still, within the gamut of softly and silently I feel certain there is plenty of room for it to be directing killer radiation at me. My eyes play tricks on me and dance with reality in ways of which I do not wholly approve. They pay no mind to my scandalized maternal protests and continue to dance (a-and worse, maybe..) until all hours of the night, with no thought of how I stay up worrying over them.

WhooOOOoooooooooo perhaps bedrest is the thing.


Later on, on the actual day of days, back at the lab, we find ourselves reading an excerpt from the villain's (boys, boys, boys, call me bastress instead) diary:

Security cards are so much fun. I had to sneak in to the building today. "Help, help, I have no security card." (suspicious look) "Why not?" "I don't know. I was sick." "Well.. sign here. Hey, does your dad work there?" I stopped at three different floors because he kept hitting the wrong button. Poor graveyard security guy. He's cool.

But now I am so security-licious. This one has a picture of me printed on it. My eyes are mostly open and I'm smiling. Voodoo, voodoo, voodoo. I've put it in my wallet with my security card for home. I wonder if they'll fight it out, or just compromise and demagnetize my bank card.