If you are familiar with the Boxer breed, then you have an idea what a Boston terrier looks like. BTs are small dogs, typically 20-25 lb, but we have seen them as small as 8 lb and as large as 38 lb. A BT has a short black coat but should have a white chest, a white collar and a white blaze on the face. They have erect ears which can be so large as to give them a bat-like appearance. They have "screw" tails which are naturally short and usually crooked. They have short muzzles and a stocky build.

Because of their short muzzles they cannot tolerate heat and because of their short coats they cannot tolerate cold. They MUST be kept in the house.

BTs are unswervingly loyal and fiercely protective. They like to sleep with their owners. They are energetic and playful and will run you ragged if you let them. However, they do not play fetch. If you throw a ball a BT will run after it and pick it up but he will run away with it if you approach.

Because of their protruding eyes BTs are prone to eye injuries. We see a lot of BTs are are one-eyed or blind.

One caveat; when they get excited, BTs tend to nip. We have had a number of dogs turned in to us because they supposedly bit children. If you have children under six years of age, we recommend that you get a dog of a more docile breed.