Lop cheng tastes great! Just don't ever think what might be in it, and if you get a piece of bone or tendon just put it aside and keep eating ;)

The best way to make lop cheng is to put it in your rice cooker before it starts, just put it on top of the uncooked rice. When the rice cooks it will steam the lop cheng. This is one of the easiest meals you can make with a rice cooker and makes great dorm food, much more nutritious than ramen.

Alternately you can use hot dogs or ham yu, salted fish, which can be cooked in the same manner inside the rice cooker, although ham yu does produce a distinctive fishy smell when cooked that may cause your neighbors to complain (e.g. "you guys should ask permission before cooking that stuff", "that is so inconsiderate", "what are you cooking, it smells like pussy"- c'mon guys it's only fish ^_^)