A type of Traumatic Dementia

AKA "Boxer's Syndrome", "punch drunk"

Dementia Pugilistica is a condition which is caused by being on the recieving end of too many blows to the head.

While dementia pugilistica is most common in boxers, it can also occur basically anytime someone is repeatedly given concussions to the head- for example rugby players, football players or soccer players(heading the ball, running collisions, etc.). The symptoms of dementia pugilistica are similar to that of Alzheimer's Disease, e.g. a loss of cognitive ability or memory- differing, of course in that Alzheimer's is a genetic condition while Dementia Pugilistica is brought on by environmental conditions. Also in both Alzheimer's and Dementia Pugilistica, a patient's brain will exhibit virtually identical abnormal tau proteins.

A good example of an extreme case of Dementia pugilistica would be the death of Jerry Quarry, or Sugar Ray Robinson

This is a real condition- information taken from various internet sources, personal experience, newspaper, conversations and television- for more info, try searching on yahoo!for Jerry Quarry, Boxing, or Dementia Pugilistica