I was in Columbus, Ohio on business a few months ago and noticed something that made me giggle uncontrollably for several minutes. There are signs all over the place in Columbus that say, "No stopping, anytime." This is presumably to prevent people from parking on the street and other such bad things.

It was my second day there by the time I realized that not only were these "no stopping" signs all over the place, they seemed quite often to be posted right next to stop signs. I suppose the irony of the contradiction never occurred to the Ohio Department of Transportation. I wonder what interesting legal battles could result from this oddity?

Coincidentally, Zorin, in Beaverton, Oregon there are signs at every intersection that say "Red means STOP in Beaverton". Part of a massive crackdown on red light runners. I guess the sign makes people stop running red lights or something. Silly Beaverton.