Argentine DJ and TV show host who later became one of the founders of the '4 Cabezas' TV producing company.

He started his career in radio early at age 17 (after mopping the floors in 'Radio Belgrano'), in the 'Rock & Pop' station, working in 'Feedback', 'Malas Compañías', 'Podría ser peor', 'Tiempo Perdido' and '¿Cual Es?' (which he still hosts with Eduardo De La Puente and Marcelo Gatman).
His first TV experience was hosting 'La TV Ataca' in the argentine channel 9, which was followed by 'Hacelo Por Mi'.
In 1990 he started the '4 Cabezas' producing company together with Diego Guebel. Producing very successful shows such as: 'CQC', 'El Rayo' and 'Trip'. He has claimed numerous times that his intention is to stop hosting TV and radio shows and focus solely on producing.

Mario Pergolini is also a self proclaimed computer guru, which goes to show the horrible state of computer literacy in Argentina.