My Mom wrapped our dead parakeet in a rag and froze him.

He was left in an old margarine tub. This was in the freezer for about a year and no one ever looked in there. I was not labled "Dead Bird" because no one really liked it anyway (messy cage - no interaction).

One Thanksgiving, my Mom was digging around in the feezer and brought out some "chicken broth" and set it on the counter to thaw. We had company. She went to open the container and yelled, "What the fuck is this?" We watched in semi-horror (really half amused - serves her right, swearing on Thanksgiving and all) as she peeled back the rag, her face turned into a sickened grimace, she flung it across the the kitchen. It hit the window and landed in the dishwater.

A fine last flight indeed. Drama! We had finally figured out what she was saving it for.