Couldn't sleep last night. Kept waking up and staring at the painting hanging on my wall.

I'll never be sappy again. But I can at least admit my bewilderment.

Scene One: This morning, walking into work a few minutes early. I had hopped out of bed with a purpose, so why not just show up when I was actually supposed to? Other than the fact that Michael had everything set up and ready to go, I walked through the kitchen, and there's Grrmly.
"Hey, Kir! How's it going?"
So now he's friendly."Pretty good, sweetie, and you? Are you doing better?"
"Oh yeah, much better. When do you wanna take those shots?"
"Whenever. When you have time."
I said brusquely, determined to not moon over him anymore.
I got better places to waste my time, I guess. He follows me into the office. I tie my straight black hair up and I hear a soft "Nice...", and I turn to find him standing against the doorway, watching me. Great. Love Spell worked, I think. Does this thing affect only people with olive oil flowing through their veins? Definetely desire there that I hadn't seen since last week. Oh, Pull-leeze. I'm such a grump in the morning too. But I do have other things on my mind.

Scene two: Yesterday. Spent most of the day showing Lilly a few of the nooks and crannies she hadn't seen yet. Hermit crab! Had fun chatting and looking at eye-candy. Told you I was a lecher. Get yet another fuckin' parking ticket on the 1200 block of Calvert St., and head home after trying to play like I was just dumb and foreign. Hey! Made me feel better. But hey babe, you need a pal, give me a ring!

Go home to wait for Lord Bear to call. Xandos as is our usual. Laid my cards out on the table, literally. You asked, I told you. And you began to think I was predictable when???

Came home after nearly running Grrmly down accidentally. No, he doesn't know what I drive........thank the Goddess. That reminds me....I know I shouldn't do this....but when has THAT ever stopped me? Dial tone...tap, tap, tap......"What the hell are you doing to yourself? What are you doing to everyone else?". I came up with five things to match yours, but my number four goes something like 'I'm not a little girl anymore.' My ideas are scrawled on a ripped envelope, but something occured to me....I've written these so many times in my head, in my soul, in books, on this nutsy compendium......and I'm still asking for the same things. The only thing that has changed is that I'm not as emotional anymore.'I'm part of a shell. No yolk, just a little clear fluid and chipped peices of that shell.' That, and they are no longer requests.

Molasses sticking to the bottom of my feet at Jimmy's in Fells reminded me of this. Just when I get momentum....YANK!

Can I throw it in reverse still? As usual, only time will tell.