I am digusted with myself.

The meeting at my second job was cancelled, seeing as 3/4 of the team is sick. Yup. There are four of us.....so most of us have gone home to sleep, or in my case, node.

That isn't the reason I'm upset with myself. Nope. I'm annoyed that I'm not stepping away from last week's inflamation of the groin. I don't know what's happening in my 'Travis Bickles' life, yet I deemed it necessary to ask him to photograph me by next Monday. *sigh* I needed an excuse to take him aside and figure out what the hell happened. I honestly was going to just leave it all alone, but I had a weak moment when I walked into work at 6:30 this morning, and there he was, being a cross between sweet and harsh. 'Course, this was before he and his ex-girlfriend left to take his grandma for a picnic. Hey! I didn't know that when I asked! So I guess I have to call him before the week's up. Damn....but he did ask about the bruises. Whatever, man. Whatever. And I am so goddamn unphotogenic....I kind of hope they just get back together and save me all the trouble.

I stopped off and got 2 packs of smokes, a cheap bottle of Chardonnay, and a lollipop on my way back from the bank. Today was the first 'REAL' payday....I'm only a little let down by that. I had to take off some time for this virus. Still warehouse shopping on Wednesday. Yah!

Mother's Day left me feeling weird....Mom still wants me to come back, and AZ was busy everytime I called. Certainly going to try again tonight.

I had poems dripping from my lips before I got out of the car today. Methinks I should carry one of those recorders again. They ran away before I had a chance to grab some paper and catch them.