Hurrah! I continue to love my credit union, who continue to be shining beacons of anti-corporate banking as they forgave two days' tardiness on this month's car payment. Today was the first time I've actually made a late payment (once before, I made a payment on the fifteenth (the due date) but at 11:55pm their time -- cutting it close for sure). I expected, surely, a late fee, if not a report to the credit bureau. That would, of course, completely screw up our mortgage, and thirty days to closing that would really piss me off. Worst timing ever, I know.

Thankfully that crap's over with. Now everything is paid current, our credit is okay, cash flow is back in the black, and this kind of problem should be behind us forever.

I started writing again in my LiveJournal thingy a couple of days ago, after a 367 day absence. I just don't have the energy I used to, and I get the feeling I won't be writing there nearly as frequently as I did before. For one thing, I don't have hours to waste everyday in a crappy office job; I actually do more stuff I'm interested in these days during my free time.

My newest writeup, Choosing a good apartment, was remarkably well received. I'm not complaining, of course. I'm curious what the three downvoters thought about it though to give it the thumbs down. Not 'cause I'm angry about it or anything, just interested in improving the writeup.