My favourite souvenir from Sweden.

What, plopp?

Yes, Plopp.

Erm... are you into... that... or something?

Haha, feeble-minded insect, you clearly know nothing. In Sweden, they like to package their Plopp, and sell it in stores.

Okay, you really are scaring me now...

Slightly hard on the outside, but has a soft center... and really yummy!

*runs away screaming*

'Plopp' is the name of a chocolate bar made in Sweden. It's milk chocolate, with a caramel center. It's made by Cloetta, and is one of the yummiest things I ate while I was there! But I shall not eat this bar which I have here as a souvenir! A lovely... 80g... unopened... *drools*.

So, remember, the next time you meet a Swedish person, and they ask, "Vill du ha lite Plopp?", you can happily say, "De e klart jag vill ha din plopp!" without hesitation!