BOINC has advanced much since its launch in 2004. It now is used by over 50 projects ranging from art as in computer graphic rendering to the hard sciences as in physics and biology.

To combat the massive growth in the number of projects the introduction of the BOINC Account Manager. The account manager allows for changing the preferences for multiple computers and projects from a centralized website. The Account Manager also allows a user to discover and join projects from their websites.

GridRepublic the only account manager which is a 501(c)3 non profit.

The largest two Account Managers are GridRepublic and BAM!.

GridRepublic's design is aimed at the general public and has helped to build its brand and trust by securing a sponsorship from Intel. The Intel sponsorship began in August 2009 for the Progress Thru Processors Facebook Fan Page and Application. The application is in beta.

BOINC Account Manager The current most popular statistics and management website in the BOINC community.

BAM! and its collaborative BOINCStats section began as a side project of a dedicated BOINC supporter and is to this day a side project supported by the community of users.