Check raising is part of the game. It's absurd to suggest that some form of betting is unethical or impolite when the object of the game is to win as many chips as possible. Check raising is often a dubious idea anyway...more often than not an attempted check raise ends up with checks all the way around.

But for the brave out there--there's an extremely aggressive strategy that does work if you can pull it off demeanor-wise. It's the check-raise bluff on the River. Say a third spade comes up and you're in an early position. You check. Everyone checks around to the guy who's been betting the whole way with trips or table-high two pair. He saw the third spade, was definitely nervous (like we all would be) that a flush would beat him, and is now breathing a sigh of relief. He goes ahead and bets feeling confident. Then you check-raise him. He knows. He thinks he knows. He's devastated (well you should choose your victim wisely). He throws it away. The check raise is dreaded--it means "you're screwed." Keep in mind that your raise is likely to equal about 1/7 of the pot. If you can pull this off 1 in 6 times you're a long-term winner. And even if you get caught, people will now think you're a bluffer and will be more apt to call your nut hands.