"Holy Grale", being a British beer

"Tempered over burning witches"

An excellent accompaniment to the Holy Grail Sandwich, how about a "Monty Python's Holy Grail", a bottled blend of beer from the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire. Available in off licenses (at least, in the Midlands and North of England) and also in Safeway supermarkets last time I looked.

Originally known as "Monty Python's Holy Grailale", it is a blend of Yorkshire Square Ale, Black Sheep Ale and Riggwelter. Seemingly marketed as a retail, take-home beer rather than a pub brew, its appeal lies mainly in the name (a bad play on words, although appealing to a certain beer-buying demographic, no doubt!) although the three constituent ales are each excellent in their own way. It is a light beer, balanced in every respect, with a 4.7% alcohol content, making it ideal for a night in. Superb with pizza too - bon appetit!

Update: 4th December 2004. Increasingly, I have been struggling to find it in England, and have just found it in the Food Co-op in Davis, California where I now live and work. Maybe this is the demographic they seek - American Monty Python fans. The world is mad.

I am not making this up - http://www.blacksheep.co.uk/