The Sydney vocalist began his musical career as a child, taught to sing and play by his father. With his dad's beaten-up guitar and a Beatles songbook, he preferred the more mature and challenging writing of the The White Album over their earlier material, something of which he has brought into his own work.

His grandmother recognised his talent, and introduced him to the choir at St. Mary's cathedral where he received some voice coaching, but he left, unhappy with the regime of disciplne and religious study.

During his teenage years he played wherever and whenever he could, whether alone in his room, at parties, or busking on the streets of Balmain. Recognition of his ability came through the band Mother Hubbard, and in 1997 he began writing songs for his debut album Black The Sun, which was released in 1999.

He has toured both in his native Australia and Europe (both supporting Neil Finn and headlining), and is shortly returning home to work on his second album.