The world championship bathtub races are held in a town named Nanaimo, located on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

The basic premise is this: Strap an outboard motor onto a bathtub, race it on a designated course, and win.

Various rules are in place (maximum weight, maximum horsepower, etc.) including the all-important rule, "You must include a full-size, un-altered bathtub in construction of your watercraft." The race course is usually between two points on Vancouver Island - Classically Victoria, BC to Departure Bay - Nanaimo, BC. Contestants from around the globe participate and there is usually in excess of 100 watercraft involved (most of which do not make it :)

The general atmosphere is one of a silly event, but has grown to mean more to the hardcore participants. The now-passed-on former-mayor of Nanaimo, Frank Ney, dressed up as a pirate for the event every year. There is now a statue of him in a downtown park, fully garbed with his pirate hat and sword. :)