If you're driving in Australia, particularly the Outback, try to avoid driving at dawn or dusk to avoid damaging your car vehicle. The reason? Kangas. Be they small or large, they are pretty hardy and can not only double back onto your vehicle and cause damage, but they can bounce away even if you knock into them hard.

(Why at dawn and dusk? They come out more towards dawn and dusk. You can see them pretty much any time, but most often around dawn and dusk.)

I had the misfortune to run into a small one just this evening. As soon as I hit it, I glanced in the rear mirror and, to my relief, saw it bounce away, clearly alright. My parents made me pull over onto the side of the road, and then took me out to the front of the car where I had hit the marsupial. Nothing was damaged, except a bit of the left-hand headlight (which was already damaged, and didn't stop it functioning properly anyway).

I got lucky.

If the kangaroo had been any bigger, and/or I had hit it any harder, I may have done even more damage to the car - and potentially, my wallet. In any case, Australians and driving tourists beware: running over kangaroos will normally hurt either the kangaroo or your car. Or both.