Labour/Eight-Hours Day
Different countries probably have different meanings for this holiday. I know in Australia it's called Labour Day in some states and Eight-Hours Day in others, but the idea is basically the same: eight hours work, eight hours rest, eight hours play. "Mummy, does that mean if I wake up at seven, I get to stay up till eleven tonight?" Kids are the only exception, really. But you get the drift. Anyway, I'd like the idea better if it was a universal date, rather than spread out over several months. In Australia, half the country celebrates it in March, others in October. (Victorians get it every second Monday in March.) Get a bit of consistency going here.

I worked today. Big fucking whoop.

On the plus side, however, I get to see my girlfriend earlier than usual this week, and I got paid time and a half for my work today.

On the other hand, this weekend in my home town there is a


to celebrate rock 'n' roll. Much disrespect from the waverider.

Thank you for sitting through this drivel. Have a marshmallow.