A great racing series that involves three classes of cars all racing on the track at the same time for unusually long periods of time. The racing series culminates with a race called 24 hours of LeMans. As the name would imply, this is a 24 hour long race held in LeMans, France.

The three classes of cars are the GT class, the slowest, with cars based on production vehicles, the GTS class, faster, also with cars based on production vehicles, and the LMP class (LeMans Prototype class) with cars specially built from the ground up for the series.

In 2000 the Audi R8 LMP spanked everyone, and a pair of team Orca Vipers edged out a C5R Corvette in the GTS class. It should be noted that this was the new Corvette teams first year in the series and actually had faster lap times, while team Orca had three years of experience under it's belt and spent less time pitting. As an owner of a C5 Corvette, I followed the series with great interest this year.