Dem Bones® is a registered trademark belonging to Brach's Confectioners, Inc. Dem Bones are candy treats that are tart and tangy not unlike SweeTARTS®. There are six fruity flavors of treats: cherry, orange, grape, lemon, lime, and pineapple.

What really distinguishes these yummy treats from all the rest is the shapes of the candies. All of the pieces are shaped like bones. There are five shapes: a skull, a foot, a hand, a rib cage, and a bone that resembles a thighbone (or femur). Each of the bones comes in each of the flavors (or so it appears in the bag I purchased)

Dem Bones also have four complete skeletons on the package to act as mascots: Boney Tony, Neckbone Nick, Fractured Fran, and Slim Jim. They appear happy, dancing, and frolicking.

The 8 oz. package contains approximately 285 individual candies and 900 calories of pure carbohydrates