As of July 25th, 2005, Konfabulator has been purchased by Yahoo!. The platform has been opened up (i.e. no longer costs money to register) in order to foster development and new content. There is a Windows port of Konfab, and a ton of widgets available.

For many users that split between both Mac and Windows boxes, Konfabulator is something of a constant -- although still in competition with Apple Computer's Dashboard in Mac Land, the offerings on the Windows side (Stardock et cetera) tend to pale in comparison, and Konfabulator has decent market share among the Redmond crowd.

Times they're a changing

The name, while having built up some brand value, may not be around for long. Directly from's press release concerning the Yahoo! take over:

Actually, the overall platform is now "Yahoo! Widgets". 
The core engine is still Konfabulator, and will remain that
for a while, but don't be too surprised if that's slowly
transitioned out. I know, we all love the name, but how do
you tell your grandma "Go download Konfabulator!" and have
her know what on earth you're talking about?

All we need now is a Konfabulator Yahoo! Widget for Chatterbox...