Owner of the Hello Deli, Rupert Jee is also a celebrity. On September 20th on 1993, David Letterman invited him onto his show (The Late Show with David Letterman) to take part in a new segment – “meet the neighbors”. Rupert has since become a fairly regular member of the Late Show, appearing every once in a while. Sometimes he helps David Letterman with interesting pranks for the show, basically taking a hidden camera, microphone and heading out to cause trouble. In one particularly memorable prank, I remember him dressing as a waiter, and trying to cause as much trouble as possible, insulting patrons, etc. He received directions from Letterman via a receiver in his ear. He once talked his way into Regis Philbin’s office, claiming that “the little weasel owed him money”.

Despite the pranks, Rupert is also a genuinely nice guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him during my last trip to New York, and he was a very humble, nice guy. He even let me get a picture with him. I’ve heard stories of him delivering hot soup to members of the Late Show’s studio audience on cold days.