Yeah, um, getting fired isn't very cool.

I signed a little piece of paper saying that I wouldn't make any disparaging remarks about my former workplace, and I'm going to take that little agreement literally as somebody forgot to clean out their temporary internet files on the way out the door. However, I will say that the whole process was as painless as it could have been, and I appreciate that. I am certainly going to miss certain coworkers, but that would have been the case even if I had left under different circumstances. I was packed up and out of the office building by quarter after 10, which was also very nice of them. It gave me the opportunity of meet up with my wife for lunch, run to the DMV, and make a few phone calls before dinnertime. Overall, not counting the whole getting fired bit, today was as good a day as it could have been.

Instead of jumping right back into the employment pool, I think I'm going to use my free time to take on some projects that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on if I was still working the ol’ nine to five. I can certainly expand the garden in the backyard by quite a large margin, and I've got a few pages to construct. I should also get around to finishing up that book, no? This will also give me the opportunity to get some of these boxes out of the way from the move, which I'm sure the both of us will appreciate. While this new place feels like home, parts of it resemble a warehouse.

Anyway, both my wife and I are fine with the new situation that we find ourselves in, even if it wasn't what we had envisioned. We're both convinced that things will end up on the okay side of things before we move to Albany in a little over a year. And, really, that is the important part.