Unsui fiddles around with the mouse making errant movements with the pointer, by all means accomplishing nothing but increasing his level of stress. His hands nudge against a pliant and interesting round form; whatever could it be? Its round shape is instantly appealing and he coddles it in his hand, tosses it around a bit, squeezes it to test its resistance. Perfect. It is the epitome of relief. Suddenly work isn't so bad. It's downright pleasant.

A stress ball is one of those office necessities that must adorn any complete desk. The flexing of muscles releases tension, and the Zen-tastic focus but not quite focus eases the flow of thought through the brain. I take a second as I write this to pick mine up. The sturdy gel construction

forms a calm in the palm
of my hand without demand
no restraint and no complaint
it allows my typing fingers to feint
at freeform thought and freeform flow
and now all I need is the ball to glow.

Stress Balls come in a variety of forms and colors
  • Chinese Stress Ball
  • Gel Stress Ball
  • Foam Stress Ball
  • Clay Stress Ball
  • Sand Stress Ball
  • The Caricature-of-your-Boss's-Head Stress Ball

Stress is a deadly killer. Be sure to get a hold of your very own stress ball today before you fall prey to its subtle danger!