I can hardly believe it myself.

There are kids (and I intentionally call them kids although they are upwards of eighteen years old) at my school, upperclassmen no less, who still throw shit at lunch as if they were still in elementary school. Not even just at each other. And not just harmless stuff.

Leaving the cafeteria one day I was hit in the back of my head with an apple. That hurt. I was not targeted. I have no enemies, and have never been picked on before in high school. The apple was just thrown because some stupid fucks think its funny to hurt random people.

Other items thrown that particularly piss me off:
"Well", you might be thinking, "Why don't you tattle on them if they're that bad?"
We've tried, several times.
No effort was made to stop them.
Apparently administration doesn't care about violence in schools unless its done by a geek or goth. The football players have some kind of diplomatic immunity when it comes to acting immature and irresponsible at school.

March 14, 2000-the pacer -- Now begins my crusade against the immature jerks who throw food at lunch like a bunch of monkeys (and I don't mean to insult the monkeys)

Update: (March 29, 2000)
First we complained to the lady who is paid to sit in the cafeteria watching over things. She obviously does a poor job. We told her after lunch one day and reminded her the next day before lunch.
She "spoke" to them, which involved talking to the wrong kids, simply saying "don't throw stuff anymore". Then she walked back across the cafeteria and turned her back to their continued food throwing.

Next we had a chat with the vice principle, who sounded sympathetic, and mentioned in a disdainful voice that he knew the troublemakers we were talking about.

He did nothing. Forgot about it I guess.

Today it was handfuls of french fries, and at the end of lunch some random underclassman had a small container(like barbecue sauce comes in) of cheese thrown on him.

When will it end?

Either when I go to college, or when they hit me, in which case I will probably explode and rip a few heads off with my bare hands. (thats hyperbole. Why I'll never go postal at school)

Oh! Almost forgot. The new cool thing to do is to drop cups and cans of soda down the semi-spiral staircase. I've been seeing spilled soda at the bottom of the stairs for a few days. Yesterday two girls in my AP Physics class were soaked with soda on their way back from lunch.
If I'm ever at the top of the stairs and catch someone doing that, heads will roll.
(still hyperbole)

Update: April 11, 2000