Icesus LPmud - A medieval world of snow and ice

Icesus is an LPmud (like Batmud) - a Multi-User Dungeon (or Domain). Essentially, it's fantasy role-playing game like the old AD&D games but, played over the net in interaction with other, real, people.

What makes Icesus stand out is the unique world of the game. Quote from the official website1:

"The valley of Icesus is very cold, and only saved from total freezing by the vulcanic activity."

Unlike other muds with seasons, it's always winter and cold in the world of Icesus. The game has been steadily developing over the years and, currently, competes with any other MUD out there, both in quality and in the amount of active players. Also, very much contributing to the unique high-fantasy feeling of the game are the rules by which Icesus is developed: all ideas for areas or other game features are specifically designed for Icesus. Certain similarities with other MUDs are bound to happen but, there are nor will there ever be areas called Smurfville or Moria in the game, nor will there ever be players with existing fantasy-names (such as Gandalf or Raistlin, as mentioned on the website). Icesus was opened for the public in 1998.

Icesus physically resides in the premises of University of Jyväskylä, in the city of Jyväskylä, Finland and is maintained by a non-profit organization Jää Ry.

Icesus is free of charge and open 24/7 for anyone to come in anytime they feel like.

Icesus can be found at: port 23, or: port 23.

1: Jää Ry official website: