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Just another traveller. Canadian, but in culture only.

Fluent in (human) languages, owing to lucky genetics and environment: Japanese & Italian (genetics), French (environment) spoken in addition to native English. Obsessed, probably unhealthily, with Linux, in particular the Debian distribution. Dabbled with PHP, now fiddling with Visual Basic (ugh), Python, C, C++, SQL (under the Microsoft Access Jet engine; mySQL; PostgreSQL).

Would love to write many things down, but never seem to have the time. Personally like Everything as an encyclopaedia, actually.

Am not normally able to access the Internet during weekends (no, really, grazie tanto, Telecom Italia, voi siete ladroni!) so be aware that if you /msg me on a Friday I probably won't be able to respond 'til the Monday following.

Update May 2004: (OK, I'm writing this in Jan 2005, but I am a stickler for accurate dates...) Right, so I've now returned to London. Hopefully I'll have more time/interest to write more ...

Was somewhat surprised to discover that I went to high school with both Carl Newman and Tal Bachman ('You mean they're famous? How strange...' Nice guys, though).