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Welcome. People call me Tv (not be confused with the other thing).

I'm a CS major at the university of Turku, Finland, Europe, Earth, Sol. In addition, I spend my copious free time doing consulting (I run a company with. a friend of mine - it's called Havoc Consulting).

I live in the Turku student village, a few km from where I study. I share a 45.4m2 flat with my girlfriend. And the whole village is on the university network - so I get a big pipe to my room. :-p

I used to be a somewhat active larper (see also RPGs), these days I don't have time for that -- so I help others organize them. I admin (it's run with Debian GNU/Linux), and th.the Karhun Kilta server at (Finnish only, sorry).

I'm a Debian developer, but I haven't packaged quite that many things yet -- I'm still learning the finer details.

Ouch. I'm hitting the 1k quota. Bye now.. --tv