You may believe that I have never run so fast in my life as the moment I saw the bull. I ran on the first day of the festival, 2001. The most intriguing thing was the young Spaniard who stood calm in the throng before the bulls were released, idly flicking through the local rag. On page three today, six furious animals would be released in the street where he stood.

Aside from the blind stupidity of the run itself, there's the festival to contend with. 200,000 people, drunk for a week, wearing identical clothes (all white, red neck tie, in honour of Saint Fermin himself who was martyred with a knife).

All in all, highly inadvisable. Kids, just say no!

I would also like to point out that no animals were harmed in the writing of this node. I can't say the same for the runners.

The last person to be killed on the run was an animal rights activists who jumped in front of the animals, screaming 'No stop! It's all too cruel!