I had an enjoyable breakfast at Panera Bread today, at 6:30 in the morning. I think I was the first customer there. The bagel that I purchased was freshly baked, flavored 'everything', which is a mixture of sesame, garlic, and all others. It was as soft as dough. The orange juice was slightly disappointing. They always seem more sour than actual oranges. It tasted like it was freshly poured rather than freshly squeezed. A total of around $2.60. Finding out Panera and other café's were open this early was a surprise discovery on an early morning walk.

My original crazy plan was to not sleep so I won't miss my 9:00 a.m. class. There was a secretary of defense press meeting on CSPAN last night. The questionaire session ended abruptly and everyone started to leave, when one of the journalists jokingly announced: "Thank you for coming. We have no more questions. We must be going now." and "we would like to ask more questions, but we are very busy." OK, so maybe that wasn't so funny.

I ended up falling asleep in the morning and missing my classes. Hmm... Maybe staying up all night isn't good after all.