It is the 24th of March again, but the date doesn't matter all too much. This could have happened on any other day of the year. I guess the date is fitting though, at least it being just past the start of spring. She'd spoken to me a few days prior and was talking about her dreams and hopes. In her own words, "i do have dreams that will one day come true." Ironic and lovely. Spring is the time for growth and progress. For her it was time for to leave the drugs behind and make something of herself. Quitting cigarettes and cutting down on the coke, it seemed like she might actually make it. She'd been accepted to a college and was getting ready to start with that. For someone who'd done the same thing year after year, it was suprising to see how dedicated she was to achieving those things she was finally ready for. For someone who had gotten herself out of so many nightmarish situations unscathed, nothing could hurt her.

Except asthma.

It's been a year today since Chloe died. The weather is fitting for the day. There is no sky outside, only clouds but no rain. The clouds are dark and full, but no rain is falling. They give no reason for their colour, no explanation. Except to me. I know why the ground is still dry. The clouds, like me, are too full of tears to let go. To simply cry or rain would not be enough to show the world what it has lost in losing Chloe. The clouds cannot send wind to topple over buildings or earthquakes to shake the ground from under our feet. It has only rain, and to do nothing but rain would be an insult to her memory. So instead we sit here, dark and quiet.

That is all we can do.