Dasher, the software mentioned above is fascinating. Apart from being a completely different way of writing that needs no keyboard, the program is quite addictive, before too long you find yourself just flowing, accepting words as they speed towards you, inviting the program to take part. This could be a fabulous tool for thinking divergently.

I could not resist an experiment. I set the speed to full, pointed the cursor straight ahead into the flow and let Dasher write by itself. Then I went away and made a coffee, when I came back Dasher had written me a poem, title and all, with a nod to Finnegans Wake. Either that or James Joyce temporarily haunted my laptop. Here is the poem. It is best read out loud.


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I have adjusted case in some parts, tidied a bit and done my best to control some of the wilder punctuation.Oh yes I forgot to mention, the poem was longer, much much longer.