I think people who laugh at there being no public transportation in the US are just ignorant.

There actually IS public transportation in the few American cities that have a dense enough population for it. Every big city I know of has a bus system. New York, DC, Boston, and now Los Angeles have subways, probably more cities than that do. Yes, public transportation in the US exists!

The reason we all drive cars and that most locations don't have public transportation, is the low population density in the US compared to that of European countries. I don't know the percentage, but a LOT of people live in rural or suburban areas where it is just not possible to provide public transportation. That is the major difference between the EU and US. Most people in Europe live in cities.

Public transportation is great in cities. However, it won't work when people are spread out over miles and miles. Europeans make fun of us for all driving environment trashing cars, but there is no other way to get around when everything is spread out.

Besides, is there public transportation in rural England or rural France? To my knowledge there is not, because public transportation doesn’t work in low population area.

Before you bash countries practices, you have to look at the background for that country.