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Thimble was a user who had accumulated almost 25 writeups by December 15th but then ran into a snag when he submitted the following:

Neurolinguistic Programming stole my acronym

Neurolinguistic Programming stole my acronym. It really stands for Natural Language Processing.

Okay, maybe I'm picking a fight here. An acronym is an acronym, after all.

However, the distinction needs to be pointed out, because Neurolinguistic Programming and Natural Language Processing should not be confused, and they sometimes are. (And, the Neurolinguistic Programming people seem to believe that they've trademarked the series of letters N-L-P. Feh!)

I wouldn't want to say anything rash about Neurolinguistic Programming, but it's a bunch of hoohah. Here's one simple thing to keep in mind: Tony Robbins, that late-night infomercial guy, bases his hoohah on Neurolinguistic Programming.

Hoohah. There, I said it.

The NLP for people who are also interested in, say, rationality, is Natural Language Processing, and you can read about that in another node, far far away from hoohah.

I immediately msg'd thimble asking what the point of this node was and how it could possibly help people with the NLP acronym more than the distinctions clearly made in the NLP node. His title didn't include 'NLP' or 'Natural Language Processing' nor did he bother to hard link 'NLP' in the writeup itself. As far as I could tell, all he really brought to the table was the word 'hoohah' ... which is pretty much what I thought of his choice of titles and pretty much what I always think about redundancy - especially when the redundant node is weaker than what has already been published on E2.

The writeup had two downvotes when I deleted it, the Klaproth msg was clear, concise and polite ... and also redundant since I'd sent over 5 msg's to thimble privately explaining the multiple problems with his title and content.

Thimble didn't like this. Didn't feel it 'constructive'. Thought he "would be appreciated elsewhere ... someplace where people were more understanding and willing to work with each other". I explained that I also appreciated it when people "worked well with others" by looking around to see what has already been posted and choosing titles carefully. People who, when logged on with thousands of other writers, decide to work as a team on a project greater than themselves.

So, our thimble decided to bookmark stuff like 'Node Suicide', 'clique' and 'condescending' and then removed the content of all of his writeups - leaving us with twenty or so blank writeups to clean up. All of this after I msg'd him saying I'd happily run a script to remove his account.

Thimble lasted almost a year on E2 - and then chose the martyr route the first time he didn't get his way. He 'used to love this place' and 'wanted to fit in here' ... but not really. He didn't want to fit in. He wanted to throw a fit.

I'm happy to see him go - he's hardly the first and most certainly won't be the last. I only wish we'd run into his issues much, much sooner - and not wasted bandwidth, C!s, votes and editorial time on someone who either hadn't glanced at the Everything FAQ or just figured it didn't apply to him.

As we used to say when the physics pop quiz was handed out, "Schade". E2 is a project that requires cooperation and flexibility ... its timeline is infinite and so is the userbase. Many come and go ... but most have the dignity and maturity to not break all of their toys before they leave.

-dem bones

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