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My primary function in life is to doubt. It almost sent me to death, however I eventually overcame it and now I am happy, although I still question.

I am a member of tabnet, and I lived for a while with pseudo_intellectual at the tabhouse, which I pretty much founded. In a former life, I was an ANSI artist and was playing adventure games. I eventually will finish my game scenario, but that's not coming soon.

Besides working for The Man in Toronto, Ontario, I run a zine distribution company called Great Worm Express. Some of my favourite zines are Cometbus, Stay As You Are, Deviant, 50 x the girl and Punk Planet. (Okay, it's a magazine. Shut up.) I am also part of the Toronto Video Activist Collective, a group that produces videos featuring political views that are misrepresented or censored in the mainstream media.