When I was a child, I loved the sound of rain. I particularly loved the sound of rain pelting the wood roof of our summerkitchen. It was always the sound I loved at bed time, to go to sleep to.

And, when in the middle of the night, the flash of lightning, and the rumble, and crash of the thunder, it always seemed a part of whatever I was dreaming.

Even the biggest crashes, that would wake me from the soundest sleep, and scare the breath out of me for a few seconds, even that was OK.

Later, as a camper in Algonquin Park, I was older, and I knew what it could do. Once, in the middle of the night, it blew down our tent, left us--suddenly--completely soaked. And scared.

Now, every time a storm is forecast, I unplug my computer. It relaxes me a little. But I am no longer a child--I know too much.