Izzy Asper has been an active member of the Liberal Party of Canada, if memory serves, he was the leader of the Liberal party of Manitoba.

His media empire includes television holdings in Australia, as well as the third largest television network in Canada.

Yesterday, he announced the largest media merger in Canadian history: the purchase of all of Conrad Black's Canadian newspaper assets of Hollinger International, including the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province, the Montreal Gazette, and several other large city newspapers, and many small weekly community papers.

Also included in this deal is the Southam Corp. (owned by Black) website Canada.com, and a fifty percent interest in the National Post.

The theory--the old theory--that one has to abandon competition in Canada to compete in the world, is at work here. In Vancouver, both television stations, and both newspapers are now under the same ownership.

But, more interesting, is how the partisan Liberal Asper will direct the National Post. Will its strong editorial policy in favour of Stockwell Day change? Will the bubble that has supported Day...burst? And just in time for day's election to Parliament.

And in time for the expected general election next spring.