This is another chapter in the ongoing tetrology that is my dreaming:

Overheard is a voice saying 'the authorities will not allowing the police to enter the housing projects because there would then be a riot.'

I am walking through these streets of strange buildings--uniform, but not ordinary looking structures that rise, like twisted taffy, about two stories, towers. Each one has a door, I guess a screen door, leading to a much deeper interior.

Out of these doors come many, many people going to wherever they're going. Two children enter the street where I am, and remain after all the others have left.

We fall in together, and begin playing. They start singing lines from songs I seem to know, and I answer them. They do dance turns from the same musicals; I respond.

All the while they are leading me through some kind of semi-subterranean concrete structure that is either below, or beside the structures I first encountered. I am totally unaware of the leading the children are doing.

We end up in some kind of dead end room-like place with a heavy concrete top that hinges--they escape through it before it lowers. I hear adults. They are talking beyond my hearing, but I see them preparing a harness-rope like thing to place around me.