I lived in Hawaii for a year when I was 17. Maui, specifically, in a little desert (yes, desert) city called Kihei.

Being angry, young and poor on a tropical island didn't suit me well, so I became a much nicer, but still fairly young and poor cashier & cook at a small taqueria called Maui Tacos. Great food there, they happened to have the absolute greatest huevos rancheros ever made. At least in my opinion.

Here is essentially an at-home clone:

  • Enchilada sauce! You can try some of the canned stuff (I've never found any I really enjoy) or you can try making your own (try adding some canned tomatoes, garlic, cumin, oregano, chili powder, salt, and lastly some stock, whether it be chicken or vegetable, to your blender. Liquify. Simmer it for 20 mins and spice as needed.) You can also take 1 can of enchilada sauce, cream of mushroom soup, and tomato soup. Mix them together, add some chili powder and cumin and you have a fairly good sauce.
  • Oil for frying tortillas! It's not a neccessary step, but it makes them darn tasty.
  • Tortillas! I use white corn tortillas. They're tasty.
  • Spanish rice - you can take the trouble to fry and then cook the rice, or you can just buy one of those packaged mixes.
  • Refried beans! You don't actually even need to fry them; liquifying them will work just as well, remember not to over season them!
  • Cheeeeese... mm. I prefer a monterey jack blend, but you can vary it for your taste.
  • Eggs

This is fairly self-explanatory; get all of your sauce, beans, and rice nice and hot, fry the tortillas (or warm them on a grill), put them down on the bottom of the plate. Add some beans, then some rice, then your fried eggs, enchilada sauce to cover it all, and add a generous amount of cheese. Absolutely freaking fantastic, plus you've got leftovers!

And thanks go out to C-Dawg for pointing out my typo.