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If I've informed anyone looking at one of my writeups, no matter how slightly, I have already completed it - but I never said I would stop there.
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Life is good, no matter what it might entail.
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After what appears to be a period of 2.9 years, I am here again.

All-too-current information about me:

- I am 22. Soon I will be entering graduate school and, simultaneously, a master's degree program in professional writing. (It just took me two minutes to come up with the word "simultaneously" in my head. This further reinforces my idea that I have only a short trip to undertake before arriving at complete senility.)
- I enjoy many things. Despite large numbers of these things dropping out of my consciousness on a regular basis, and my fear that someday I will arrive at a state of total apathy, new things have, so far, always come to replace the old ones.
- As I have elected not to take a different username, it (my current username) still speaks to certain facets of my person.
- I do not talk like this. I am roughly seven times friendlier than the prose style of this bio indicates.
- But what if that means you're multiplying 7 by ?
- It's still more.
- But I --
- Urusai yo. (I swear I'm friendlier than this.) I'm not a math major.

- My humor is often a defense mechanism. I am overwhelmingly okay with this.