1) A phrase meaning: Ooh I'll have another drink to fortify myself for the journey ahead.;

2) A very good idea that a couple of blokes had which solves the problem of what to do when you're in the pub and want to get pissed, but your car's parked outside. The solution is simple: You drink yourself stupid, then when you are about to fall over you phone One for the Road, tell them where you are, if you can remember that is, and they send a geezer round on a small scooter to get you. The nifty little 2-wheeler then folds up small enough to fit into your boot, whereupon Mr. One for the Road drives you home in the comfort of your own car. You pay the nice man some money, he unfolds his clever contraption and scoots off to rescue the next customer.

I think it's currently only available in London, but it's a lovely idea isn't it!