Paris is the 1,060th most popular male first name in the United States, and the 2,006th most popular female first name. It's also the 2,319th most popular last name (1990 United States Census.)

Paris, Arkansas, is a town of about 4,000 people. It was founded in 1874 on the Old Military Road between Little Rock and Fort Smith. Paris is the gateway to the magnificent Mount Magazine, which is the highest point between the Rockies and Appalachians. It's also the county seat of Logan County.

Paris, Idaho, is the county seat of Bear Lake County and the second oldest city in Idaho, 91 miles from Salt Lake City. Population was 581 in 1990.

New Paris, Illinois, is in Edgar County, 73 miles from Indianapolis, Indiana. Population is 12,509.

On Sunday, April 29, 2001, at 6:45 p.m, a UFO squadron passed over New Paris, Illinois. Thomas H. reports: They looked like birds, and they flew from side to side but without turning. The objects were black and disc-shaped, and their estimated speed was 90 miles per hour.

New Paris, Indiana, is in Elkhart County. The population is approximately 1007.

Paris Crossing, Indiana, is in Jennings County, 36 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. Population is 972.

Paris, Kentucky, is the county seat of Bourbon County, on the Old Buffalo Trail, or Limestone Trail. Population was 8,730 in 1990.

South Paris, Maine, is the county seat of Oxford County. Population is 6,054.

West Paris, Maine, is in Oxford County. Population is 2,149.

Paris, Michigan, is in Mecosta County, 49 miles from Grand Paris. Population is 3,359.

Paris, Mississippi, is in Lafayette County, 63 miles from Memphis, Tennessee. Population is 302.

Paris, Missouri, was settled in the middle of 19th century. Known as The Friendliest Town in Little Dixie by everybody who lives less than 3 miles away, Paris is a 1,500-people town and the county seat of Monroe County, but the main attraction in the county, and therefore in the world, is the two-room cabin where Mark Twain was born. Population of Paris was 1,486 in 1990.

New Paris, Ohio, was first settled by a man named Richard Hudson in 1811, and became a town in 1820. Its first name was Storrsboro. It's located in Preble County, 27 miles from Dayton, Ohio. The population was 1,990 in 1998.

Paris, Ohio, is in Stark County, 22 miles from Akron, Ohio. Population is 1,338.

Saint Paris, Ohio, is in Champaign County, 24 miles from Dayton, Ohio. The population is 5,963.

An unidentified flying object has been seen in Saint Paris, Ohio, in May 1932. It was even photographed (

New Paris, Pennsylvania, is in Bedford County, 65 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Population is 3,982.

Paris, Tennessee, is in Henry County, 74 miles from Nashville, Tennessee. Population is 16,597.

Paris, Texas, apart from being a movie, is also the Second Largest Paris in the World, with no less than 25,898 happy citizens. It's located in Lamar County, some 105 miles northeast of Dallas. Paris was founded by George Wright, who opened a store there in 1839. Several traditions explain in different ways why Paris was called Paris, but one thing is certain: it was a reference to Paris, France. Paris became the county seat in 1844. And the city has seven hotels or motels with a total of 528 rooms.

Paris, Virginia, is located in Fauquier County, 30 miles west of Arlington, assuming you know where Arlington is.

Paris is also the capital of France, and the best place to live on Earth. Land area is 86.92 km2 (excluding Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes), and population was 2,125,246 in 1999. See what Paris looks like in Paris buildings and sites, Paris streets and the 20 districts of Paris.