Let's all say it together: creamed chipped beef on toast is Shit on a Shingle!

For those who have never encountered this, it's a breakfast/lunch dish, made by cooking down a salty beef product in a sauce made of flour, fat, and skimmed milk powder, served on toast, up there with SPAM as a key part of military rations during WWII.

If you don't have these associations, chipped beef is the American brisaola, a salted, air-dried beef delikat essen, that tastes just fine wrapped around cucumber spears (mock lox), as a part of an antipasto platter, or shredded on top of a salad. Kids like it, if only because you can give prizes to the kid who can read through their slice (it's that thin!). Too much sodium and almost all protein, it's wicked tasty. Just don't try to make it into...um....

Wild! I'm actually craving some!