Question:What would the thoughts be of someone with old-money billionaire parents, waiting tables?

The women of my family have been working Summers here since the Second World War. At first, it was because there were no women who would work here because they were all doing war work in factories. So our family pitched in as our part of the effort, and well, it’s New England. Things just tend to stick. It builds character, they say, and I get to meet a lot of people. Yeah, some girls go to intern in all kinds of places. But it’s not what but who you know,as Mom says. So here are a few people I know.

That’s Catalina. She’s the cousin of the manager. She’s sure that I’m being punished by my family who want to shame me by making me work in front of everyone. She’s really into “Game of Thrones” and thinks that every family richer than hers is like that.

Those are the Atwaters, who are more-or-less typical for the people who come here.They’re about the age of my parents. They’re extra nice and tip well. Mrs. Atwater says she used to work here, but that was like a long time ago.

That girl on the deck vaping is Edie. She’s a space cadet. She’s from a big ranch in California and her brothers raped her, and her mom gave her benzos to shut her up. When she got pregnant, they threw her into Silver Hills, after aborting her. Or so they say. She does pretty good drawings of animals and is better with horses than anyone I know. She’s pretty, but I was never into horses, really.

The guy next to her, that keeps looking down her front is Brett. Earlier this Summer, he cracked up his car and his parents told us not to serve him any more alcohol. He’s still here, drinking Diet Coke, thinking he’s going to score. Creep.

Tony is our Chef. I wish he were more like the Bourdain guy, but he’s not so cool. He likes to wave a ladle or a spatula around like a cartoon and yell at everyone. But he’s not awful. Now and then, he’ll tell me stuff like getting the core out of iceberg lettuce by slamming it, and how to make salads look like… wait, is that sexual harassment? OK, it seemed funny at the time. Anyhow, that’s as far as it went. And there were a lot of other people around. So, it’s probably OK.

Jim is our maitre d'hotel. Yeah, I can say the whole phrase. He's a lot cooler than he lets on. He's got a lot of tattoos under his suit and spends his down time hanging out on and around the beach. He gets stoned before his shift to keep a straight face.

Bill is our bartender. He’s Black and married to another dude who shows up after hours. One night they both gave me a makeover. I never wore so much makeup in my life.

The worst customers are guys like Mr. Steinberg. Over there. He keeps looking at me and at one point, asked whether I would like to be a model. The guy hanging on his every word is Mr. Earle, who is some kind of big shot who has this boat that’s too big for him with a crew of bimbos. They never tip, oddly enough.

Every Friday we have the Beachcomber All-Stars, and they play “Brandy, (you’re a fine girl)”. Someone gets to wear The Necklace,like in the song, and they have a spotlight on her and everything.Sometimes it’s me.I wish I didn’t need to do that, because I’ve got to act like I’m so hot and I’m really not into that sort of thing.

The best part of my job is when we close down, and I get to drink for free with all my good friends.